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Here at Aylesford Body Repair we offer a professional full valeting service for your car from just £40 + Vat:

Basic Valet

£40(excl VAT)

  • Wheel Acid & tyre Shine
  • Full Hoover & dash Shine
  • All shuts, wheel arches & sills
  • Full wash
  • Glass cleaned & polished
  • Plastic treated

Advanced Valet

£60(excl VAT)

  • As Basic Plus
  • Engine Bay Scrub
  • Seats & carpet Scrubbed
  • Paint Work Hand Waxed

Premium Valet

£90(excl VAT)

  • As Basic & Advanced Plus
  • Paintwork Clay Bar

The clay Bar service is for removing fallout and overspray that sticks to paint work, our clay bar is designed to lift the stuck on dirt away leaving the paint work smooth & shiny.

Machine Polishing

In Addition to that we can also offer a machine polishing service for removing light scratches and restoring your body work to its best, leaving a deep shine. This is either a full car service or something you can have done by the panel if you only have a few affected areas.

Supagard Paint Protection

For additional paintwork protection we can also offer a supagard paint protection service from £174 which includes supply of the kit, cleaning of the car & application of the supagard.

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